Since joining Harvest Group and serving our clients at Costco, my team quickly discovered how well Costco’s Company Culture, values, and code of ethics strongly align with Harvest Group’s. This has made our work with Costco a great culture fit for both our clients and team. Costco’s mission statement and code of ethics have been in place for over 35 years and are a core part of their business. Costco believes that by adhering to their clear, simple set of principles which focuses on the Costco member, excellent service, and their employees is what sets them apart and has led to continuous growth.

In today’s competitive retail environment, it’s important to build a strong relationship at the retailer and Harvest Group’s established values have allowed us to do this quickly with Costco. Harvest Group’s clear mission statement, vision, and commitment to our values are what have made us so successful.  Our commitment to service with excellence for our clients is exactly what Costco expects.

In this blog post, we’ll walk through Costco’s Mission and Code of Ethics and the parallels with Harvest Group’s culture at work through serving our clients to showcase how two strong internal cultures work together to create great results for our clients/Costco suppliers.

Costco Code of Ethics

Costco Mission Statement:

To continually provide our members with quality products & services at the lowest possible price.

Costco Code of Ethics

  1. Obey the Law
  2. Take care of our employees
  3. Take care of our members
  4. Respect our suppliers

Costco believes if their whole organization does these four things, they will achieve their ultimate goal:

  1. Reward our shareholders.

Costco takes their mission statement and code of ethics very seriously, so it’s important that suppliers and brokers adopt them into their practices when working with the retailer. Costco is loyal to their suppliers which is so important in a limited SKU environment. As a supplier, once your item is approved with Costco, they work hard to help your brand succeed.

At Harvest Group, we are proud to also be extremely dedicated to our clients. We often say that Harvest Group is “client obsessed” – investing in people, capabilities, and technology to deliver an ever-improving client experience. We still work with clients today who we started serving when the company launched over 15 years ago. We value deep relationships and support our clients through good times, hard times, and everything in between to deliver their growth goals.

Harvest Group Values

Harvest Group Values:

  • Integrity – Doing what is right in all things
  • Relationship – Pursuing depth, trust & collaboration
  • Excellence – Delivering ever-improving performance & results with humility
  • Journey – Embracing our past & planning our future with faith
  • Legacy – Leaving a positive & everlasting impact

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How Harvest Group Serves Clients at Costco with Differentiation

In the current retail environment, healthy company culture in addition to strong commitment to values and ethics is a hot topic most companies are chasing. Costco and Harvest Group both committed to living out our values through serving clients and members with quality and excellence years ago and we continue to do so throughout our work today.

Harvest Group provides customized solutions for your brand based on what matters to Costco, and we will partner with you in every step of the process to deliver your goals.

Strategic Process – We call this our Client Growth Model. We are focused on sustainable, long-term growth.

Execution with Excellence – Costco is so successful because of their detailed focus on item differentiation, quality, and value. Our process at Harvest Group includes a deep dive into item development, promotional planning, and preparing our clients for supply chain readiness in order to be victorious at Costco.

Team Structure – We provide functional experts for each of our clients with a low client-to-resource ratio. Our clients have a seasoned sales operations manager who understands Costco’s supply chain requirements, and an account manager wearing your jersey that is not overloaded with clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Harvest Group represents suppliers at Costco, we’d love to chat! Reach out to us at or fill out our Contact Us form here.

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