People and technology working together to deliver digital commerce results for your business.





Our proprietary software integrates all aspects of digital commerce strategy under one efficient roof.



We built the right team to bring innovation to your digital commerce business at every level.



Better strategy means better sales. Our people + our tech work to make your digital presence top of mind and top of search — and we never stop iterating.

Strategy & Account Management

We’re not just a software system cranking out content, we’re a team of strategic thinkers using technology and data to create smart solutions for every area of your online business.

Marketplace Intelligence

We harvest the vast amount of competitive and strategic data available on site to identify category trends, competitors’ tactics, and retailer initiatives to inform a strategy that wins.

Profitability Analysis

As pressure mounts for profitability, we identify possible issues and opportunities within your assortment to help drive the bottom line.

Assortment Optimization

We analyze your assortment to identify the top performing items that will help drive profitable topline growth and fit your retailers' goals.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

We break down the traditional barriers between sales and marketing teams to deliver a retailer-specific marketing plan that spans the gap between retailer goals and traditional marketing objectives.

Buyer Negotiation

We interface directly with your buyer(s) to understand their goals and objectives, and work with them to plan and execute a strategy that benefits both parties.

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Content Creation

We built a world class content creation software that works in tandem with our team of content experts to create consumer specific, SEO optimized, rich content for your items.


We begin the content creation process by using Google AdWords to generate a curated list of relevant keywords for each item based on brand, category, competitor and item level.


After generating keywords for each item individually, we write content that accounts for searchability, shopper engagement, and retailer content guidelines, all while staying true to each client’s brand voice.

Rich Media

Using our proprietary software, we’re able to mix and match layouts for Marketing Modules, upload videos, PDFs, Comparison Charts and other below-the-fold rich media experiences for our clients’ item pages.

Content Syndication

Once we have created your optimized content, our tools and people can syndicate with speed.

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Our Proprietary Technology

Wondering how we build and publish great content so fast? We built a proprietary software, Lantern, to optimize keywords, facilitate fast and effective copywriting, and build engaging rich media to make your items the best they can be. Lantern then feeds these items to a smooth, easy client approval interface before publishing to



We are your guide to Walmart Media Group from strategy and planning, to deciding how to spend your dollars, to making sure those dollars were spent well.


We consider the full landscape of available activations and identify the best options to achieve your goals (growth, ROI, awareness, etc.).

Media Spend & Execution

We take that plan and put it into action, programmatically and/or via a direct interface with the retail advertising team.

Analysis & Learning

Using sales, traffic, and advertising report data, we measure the impact and the return of your campaigns, drawing insights to feed future strategies.

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We use in depth reporting to measure our success for our clients. We then take these numbers and discover insights to influence our strategy for the future.


We pull and analyze sales daily to identify positive and negative trends, catch logistical issues, and feed strategic decision making on how to grow the business.

Page & Site

We track users that hit your page so that we can analyze trends and changes in page traffic, wait time, conversion, and other site behaviors.

Search Rank

We track your items’ search result rankings on your most relevant search terms to gauge the discoverability of your item.

Buy Box & Price

We track item pricing and who’s winning the buy box so that unauthorized sellers’ unhealthy pricing can be caught and dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Content Health

We scrape and analyze your items’ content as it appears on site to determine both the correctness and general health of your content as it relates to discoverability and convertibility.

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A combination of our reporting, tracking, strategy and forecasting capabilities enables us to optimize your inventory to keep your items in stock and your customers happy.

Inventory Analysis

We monitor and analyze all available inventory data to anticipate out of stocks and diagnose supply chain issues.

Order Recommendation

We create and deliver order recommendations to the retailer based on data-driven insights derived from our inventory analysis.

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