Every year we take time as a company to reflect on the previous year, give thanks, and celebrate together as a team. At Big Meeting this year we were able to gather together to recognize our Harvest Values Winners – five individuals nominated by their teammates for embodying a Harvest value over the previous year.

We’re a values-based company, and we believe this extends far beyond a decision made by our founders years ago. These awards are just one of the ways we stop to intentionally celebrate the way our values are coming to life in the work and personal lives of our teammates.

The award winners are chosen by their peers- each employee chooses five nominees and submits a brief paragraph on why they think their nominees deserve the award. Below you can read a little bit about each of our values and what they mean to us, and then one of the nomination verbatims we’ve chosen that we think embodies why this person was chosen.

We hope you enjoy this peek into Harvest culture! And let these awards serve as a reminder to reflect and celebrate the good things in work and life.

1. Legacy

  • Leaving a positive, everlasting impact
  • Stewardship
  • Generosity
  • Balancing Work/Life

Previous Winners:  Josh Richardson, Bebe Lopez-Velarde, Carmen Rainey

Nomination comment:

“This individual’s fingerprints are on so many different things at Harvest. Tools, processes, templates, or ideas touch so many aspects of the day-to-day that then lead to delivering excellence for our clients and efficiencies internally across our teams.”

The 2022 Harvest Values Award for Legacy goes to…..

Brad Cook, Director, Research & Development


2. Journey

  • Embracing our past and planning our future with faith
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Courage

Previous Winners:  Michael Turner, Chris Ray, Arley Bejerano

Nomination comment:

“What this person has done for our company over the past few years is nothing short of amazing. Any job she has touched she has redefined to a point where we said ‘What did we do before she was in this job?!’

She sees problems, develops ideas, gets buy-in, and executes–and many times she does this for things that are beyond the scope of her role! She has SO MUCH on her plate but her professionalism is unmatched and she is willing to help anyone in the organization. She improves processes all while building relationships and delivering excellence.”

The 2022 Harvest Values Award for Journey goes to……

Emalie Cockrell, Sr. Communications Manager


3. Relationship

  • Pursuing depth, trust, and collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Servant heart
  • Vulnerability

Previous Winners:  Kali Davis, Kelsey Boote, Katie Ramsey

Nomination comment:

“This individual is always genuinely interested in how others are doing, and she makes sure those around her feel heard, understood, and loved. She’s the ultimate hype woman and has a unique ability to connect with others on a deep level.”

The 2022 Harvest Values Award for Relationship goes to…

Christina Curtis, Sales Insights Manager, Walmart H&W


4. Integrity

  • Doing what is right in all things
  • Honesty
  • Keeping commitments
  • Whole-hearted

Previous Winners:  Shaun Turner, Mahmoud Soyed, Tony Woods

Nomination comment:

“This person’s job is a unique role that requires the highest of integrity, and he sets the bar for how sensitive data should be treated and discussed (or not discussed!). He always operates with the utmost integrity in all situations. He wants what is best for Harvest and is willing to go the extra mile for our people. I never worry about him making the right choice when it comes to our values–he sets the standard for how to operate with professionalism in all of his day-to-day interactions and functions.”

The 2022 Harvest Values Award for Integrity goes to…….

Jonathan Spears, Controller, Finance


5. Excellence

  • Delivering ever-improving performance & results with humility
  • Curiosity
  • Client Obsessed
  • Never settles for “good enough”

Previous winners:  Ashton Necessary, Amanda Cornelison, Brad Dawson

Nomination comment:

“This individual has always acted “as if” since he arrived at Harvest Group.  He is never afraid to ask more questions to increase contextual knowledge to deliver solutions for our Client Services team.  He is never afraid to challenge and call out leadership and peers to improve our work processes and principles.  He genuinely cares.”

The 2022 Harvest Values Award for Excellence goes to……

Brent Wiles, Business Intelligence Manager


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