At the beginning of May 2022, videos and 360-spin images began appearing on Walmart item pages. Videos show in the second spot of the image carousel as well as beneath the larger image display, while 360-spin only shows beneath the larger image display. When clicking one of the two placements, a new screen will open to view the video or 360-spin image. Below the Fold A+ Content is still not supported, but Walmart has communicated it is working toward allowing Marketing Modules, Comparison Charts, etc. late 2022/early 2023.

What Should You Do?

If you have video or 360-spin assets, either load them via a 3rd party or load them directly in Item 360 through the Maintenance tab under “Rich Media”. URLs are required to load through Item 360. Below is the list of requirements for both videos and 360-spin images, as well as some helpful resource links.

Walmart Video Requirements:

  • File Type: .MP4 (preferred) or .MOV
  • Must include closed captions if there’s a script as required by Walmart
  • Must include .VTT file as required by Walmart if video includes a script
  • VTT (video talk track) files look like text docs and include the time stamp associated with the words being said. This allows e-readers to follow along and allow access to all consumers
  • If you do not have VTT files created and your video has dialogue, Happy Scribe is a great site to use and is inexpensive. You can both add closed captions to your video and download the VTT file.
  • No more than 30MB (Note: if it’s a large file with a short video, there will be a lag time when consumers try to open it on the item page)
  • No maximum length, BUT most consumers will not watch a long video unless it’s a How-To video. If it’s highlighting your product only, try to have it be less than 30 seconds. The optimal length is 10 seconds, but that is not doable for all items.

Walmart 360-Spin Image Requirements:

  • File Type: .PNG or .JPG
  • Size: At least 1500 x 1500 pixels and less than 5MB
  • Can have up to 24 images of slightly different angle shots that when seen in order are a continuous spin of the item.
  • Examples of 360-spin imageson
  • 1WorldSync Image Capture Service – option for 360-spin capture technology

Harvest Can Help

Harvest is committed to ensuring our clients receive as much assistance as needed to get videos and 360-spin images loaded to Walmart’s system.

If you are interested in partnering with Harvest for account management, content management, advertising management, and more, please email or fill out our Contact Us form.

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