What Will You Find in Our Walmart.com Content Best Practices Guide? 

Is your brand looking to establish its presence on Walmart.com? If so, you’re in the right place! It can be hard to know where to begin to get your content optimized for Walmart as their requirements differ from other retailers. 

Our Content Team has zeroed in on 8 top priorities for brands to consider as they work to create optimized item listings on Walmart.com. First and most importantly, brands need to understand what Walmart is looking for. This will differ from what Amazon is looking for, or Target or pick your retailer! Harvest Group has been working with Walmart for 14 years and has a deep knowledge of Walmart’s specific requirements.  

Your brand has a story to tell on Walmart.com and Harvest Group wants to help you share it. Optimizing your content not only gives your brand the best opportunity it can to rank on search, it can make you stand out among competitors. Are you looking for clicks and customers? Harvest Group will help you step by step as we work to establish your successful content on Walmart.com. For more information reach out to hello@harvestgroup.com or fill out our Contact Form.  

Download the Walmart.com Content Best Practices Guide

Who is Harvest Group? 

Harvest Group is an omni-channel retail growth agency applying talent and technology to grow sales. For 14 years, we have worked with leading companies supplying omni teams or digital expertise. These companies include Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club, and Kroger. 

As of March 2, Harvest Group is the only trusted Walmart Advertising Partner in Northwest Arkansas. This means we know Walmart. And we want to help your brand know them too. Learn more here.