An Omnichannel Client Success Story

After digging into a Weekly POS Report for one of our clients, their Walmart Pickup and Delivery performance jumped off the page to me. As a percentage of total sales, Pickup and Delivery had doubled in a short amount of time to almost 15% of in-store sales.  In addition, their top item was now running at 30% penetration. The Account Manager passionately told me how they had set a strategic goal of driving OPD POS, and the results arrived after running our Harvest Group omni-playbook.

As I explored the insights further, store channel (orders fulfilled with store inventory) plus 2-channel (orders fulfilled with eCom inventory) had also jumped, now representing an additional 8% of POS. This momentum drove total POS for the client up +20%.

This case study builds conviction in the power of operating as an omnichannel team, where the sum of the parts vastly exceeds working in silos.  And, the growth isn’t stopping anytime soon.  Check out this chart to view Walmart Digital growth.

The Impact of Digital Commerce

Looking forward, it’s important to remember that Digital could represent 14%+ of Walmart US Sales in 2 years.

The success of Walmart’s Pickup and Delivery platform, the shift in consumer behavior, and Walmart’s recent move to an omnichannel organizational structure have converged to create a new blueprint for how suppliers go to market.  Whether internally integrated or in partnership with an agency, the store and digital team must be seamless, acting as one cohesive group driving the total business.

What We’re Seeing

In the market, we are noticing a few commonalities.  Many suppliers don’t have the bandwidth to give their digital business the attention it needs. Many lack a clear understanding of where digital POS data falls or how to ensure they have best-in-class content. Additionally, the myth is still prevalent in the market that Amazon item page content is sufficient for Walmart.  Companies are quickly responding to move to an omnichannel structure, but there are still a number of internal hurdles standing in the way of fully capturing the omni-opportunities.

The Harvest Group Approach

Harvest Group has been guiding brands to success at Walmart for over 13 years. In the last 3 years, we have invested heavily to build out industry-leading omnichannel teams, combining technology + functional expertise to seamlessly work against both the store and digital business for 75 brands.  If you have the interest to gather some best practices or take the next step for your brand, reach out for a quick conversation at