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Here at Harvest Group, our approach to content creation is characterized by a combination of people and technology working together. We are not just a SaaS product or an algorithm spitting out keywords – we are a hybrid of industry experts working with technology to provide you a solution for every aspect of your business on

Item pages are a combination of more than just words and images. It is the marriage of brand voice, consumer knowledge and keywords that drive consumers to discover and buy or scroll past. Our content creation philosophy is defined by looking deeper than the singular item, knowing the consumer, and strategically placing keywords where they matter most. All of this is made possible by the proprietary system, Lantern, we built to enable our digital content team to create rich, search engine optimized content with speed and scale.

Introducing Lantern

Our Creation Station

Lantern - Content Creation Platform - Harvest Group


Our software development team created a platform for item content creation from its genesis to upload. By having all steps in one platform, we can ensure no item gets lost in process. This platform, Lantern, begins with initiating items into the flow, then walking through each step chronologically: keywording, copy writing, editing, validating, client approval, and finally uploading to Walmart’s system. By working chronologically, we can organize and ensure continuity across the brand while also creating unique content for the item. 

Lantern also includes the capability to create and upload different types of Rich Media for clients utilizing the Walmart API. We have mix and match layouts for Marketing Modules, upload ability for video and PDFs, Comparison Charts, and are about to launch the Item Tour module.  

Our Development team is constantly iterating on Lantern’s capabilities so we can stay on the cutting edge of Walmart releases and best practices. We try new ideas and move fast to test systems to ensure we create a tool that is agile and can sustain the artistic process of content creation and publishing. 


Our Process – and How it Sets Us Apart

People + Tech = Better Content

Lantern was built using Google Adwords to holistically keyword items based on 4 different categories. Because we keyword across different aspects of a particular item, we have a well-rounded view of how consumers initially search for like items. While Lantern is responsible for producing the initial list of keywords, we have one of our digital content experts refining keyword selection, writing content and monitoring every step of the item building and publishing process.

We recently started working with a client who was under the assumption their items were in good shape. They had written content, multiple images, and a full title. When we put their current content into our system, we discovered they were using only 3 keywords. When we wrote for their items, we took their keyword count from 3 to 25+. We then had one of our copywriters write consumer-specific, search engine optimized item content utilizing the keywords. The wide range and variety of relevant search terms increased their searchability, which increased conversion. 

The Harvest Group Approach to Content Creation

Content Diversification: Walmart vs. Other Retailers

When selling across retailers, it can be tempting to copy and paste content to each platform – just say no! Walmart is different from Amazon, which is different from Target, etc. Many of our clients start out with “great content” which means it’s great for Amazon. The problem with cross-pollination is that Amazon has different requirements, different character count maximums, and a different layout altogether. Walmart has a total of 12,070 characters up for grabs across the Title, Description, Key Features and Shelf Description – Amazon has a fraction of the space.

Our content is Walmart-specific, which means you get different keywords, different layouts, and different searches. Use the space uniquely according to what is allowed! Aligning to Amazon will not help in the long run – Google’s algorithm will actually reward merchants for creating retailer specific content. It’s imperative to find a partner that specializes in specifically.


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Streamlined Workflow: Alignment Across Clients and Editors

Brand voice and consumer voice are both important and needed, but it’s easy to end up in a war between the brand/marketing team and copywriters. We know the Walmart consumer, and the marketing team knows the brand. Marrying the two together for strong content is an integral part of the process.

When writing content, our copy is edited by the Digital Project Manager and then sent to the client for final approval. No monstrous spreadsheets to export or documents to sift through – our clients can view, edit, and approve their content directly in the Lantern interface, accessed by a simple click of a link. Content is never uploaded to Walmart’s system unless we have been given edits/approval. We view content creation as a collaborative process with the client, and we strive to connect the consumer and brand voices to enhance each item fully. 

Reach Out!

We are proud to offer a completely comprehensive solution for all of your content needs – gone are the days of working with one agency for keywords, one for rich media, etc. We have built the team and the technology to manage all aspects of content creation, from copywriting to rich media to uploading and monitoring your item’s success on If you’d like to hear more about Harvest Group, Lantern, or have questions about your content on, we’d love to chat! Email to set up a consultation.

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