In the past 5 years we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in the retail landscape. Traditional brick and mortar has been crashing into what has been known as “eCommerce” (digital) cin a way that the retail doomsayers failed to predict. Rather than the death of brick and mortar, we’ve experienced its evolution – and Walmart has been a front-runner in this new digital space, setting the tone for the new mass retail playing field.

As the retail landscape has evolved, so has Harvest Group. In the past few years we’ve added many resources and capabilities to answer the digital equation that we perform as much like a tech company as we do a traditional brick and mortar growth agency. The omnichannel age is in full swing, and the game has changed. Without speed, scale, and expertise, suppliers cannot win in this new era. Because most of our supplier partners can’t make the math work to build all three of those ingredients in house, they choose to partner with us.

What We’ve Built

The omnichannel marketplace demands practical technology to provide the scale and speed needed to empower the best people to unleash their expertise without being bogged down by the complexity of daily tactics. We’ve put together a team of functional experts who are leading the way in core capabilities like content development, digital marketing, deep analytics, and Walmart omnichannel strategy.

We’ve also built Lantern, our powerful in-house tech ecosystem, to host the tools that empower those experts – like our dynamic Rich Media builder, our Search, Sales, and Traffic trackers, and our automated Replenishment management system. The right balance of incredible people and powerful tech is the only way to navigate such a rapidly changing marketplace.


Why We’re Different

While some of our competitors might focus on one or two of these key areas, we believe that the best agency partner is one who can bring all of these capabilities together into a single ecosystem – reducing friction and maximizing momentum. An agency that can only serve in content development will struggle to see the bigger picture. An agency that offers to guide on sales strategy but isn’t equipped to help on a tactical level will be unable to proactively drive growth. We believe that only an agency that can think strategically and execute on all the key aspects of digital commerce can truly help you succeed in this space – so that is what we’ve built.

Reach Out!

If you’re where you want to be in the race to win in the new world of digital commerce, we commend you! But if you think there may be some additional opportunities for you, we’d be happy to talk. We serve our clients at all stages along the digital commerce journey, so let’s see what a customized solution looks like for you. If you’re interested in a conversation reach out to our Vice President of Digital Commerce, Mark Stamps, at


Michael Turner

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Michael Turner is the Director of Digital Commerce and leader of the Amazon Team at Harvest Group.

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