It has been nearly 10 years ago that Harvest Group pioneered harnessing the power of patterns and relationships found in granular data to improve retail execution through Engineered Retail®.

Our main use case was answering questions that our clients were asking about continuity retail coverage plans. “Where should I send merchandisers?”, “How frequently should we go there”, and “What actions should we perform”? Companies were spending a significant amount of resources consistently in the same way across different stores & different brands. Despite significant variance found in the granular data, there was little variance in the execution. This created an opportunity to engineer a better solution.

The questions that our clients are asking have changed, but we continue to use our Engineered Retail® approach of utilizing our technology and team to harness the power of granular data. The amount of granular data available in retail has increased tremendously in 10 years. So we’ve built proprietary analytics, content management, and advertising systems to use it practically. Why did we build our own? Because what we needed as practitioners from technology didn’t exist. These systems help us get to insights below the surface and engineer plans amidst the complexity of retail.

3 Questions You Might Ask About Your Business:

  • What data is important to run my business and do I have access to it?
  • Do I have the technology and talent in place to see patterns and relationships in the granularity of data to generate insights and engineered plans?
  • As the retail industry converges (digital, physical, sales, marketing, advertising, etc), do I have legacy silos in technology or talent that are preventing me from viewing the business holistically?

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I’m excited about several areas of innovation and partnerships we’ve been working against that we will announce publicly in 2023. Though the questions have changed, our strategy of combining the power of technology and our talent remains the same.


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