Harvest Group Values Awards

Every year we pause as a company to reflect and give thanks for the past year. We gather, eat, drink, reflect and celebrate. Part of this celebration includes our Values Awards, a ceremony where we recognize five teammates who have shone through as outstanding examples of each Harvest value over the past year.

The award winners are chosen by their peers- each employee chooses five nominees and submits a brief paragraph on why they think their nominees deserve the award. Below you can read a little bit about each of our values and what they mean to us, and then one of the nomination verbatims we’ve chosen that we think embodies why this person was chosen.

We hope you enjoy this peek into Harvest culture! And let these awards serve as a reminder to reflect and celebrate the good things in work and life.

1. Excellence

  • Delivering ever-improving performance & results with humility
  • Curiosity
  • Client obsessed
  • Never settles for “good enough”

Nomination comments:

“This individual quickly came to mind for me when I think of employees achieving excellence in their role at Harvest. Her job can be thankless, and yet she does it with joy and pride. She does not ask for attention or recognition, but rather focuses on doing the work and doing it well. I recently called her from a doctor’s appointment needing last-minute information and she sent it in minutes and with a smile. I can’t even imagine how many similar calls she gets every week!”

Winner: Amanda Cornelison, Compensation and Benefits Specialist in HR – Rogers, AR


2. Integrity

  • Doing what is right in all things
  • Honesty
  • Keeping commitments
  • Whole-hearted

Nomination comments:

“He is one of the most caring people I know, and it shows undoubtedly in the way he leads his team. He is always first concerned with how people are doing – both from a work standpoint and family/home life. He takes time to check in on people frequently and especially when they are in need. He consistently remembers to ask about the concerns that have been shared with him which means so much. As he leads his team, he has no agenda but to help the team succeed. He sacrifices his time and schedule for the benefit of his team.”

Winner: Mahmoud Soyed, Team Lead in Technology – Tunisia


3. Journey

  • Embracing our past and planning our future with faith
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Courage

Nomination comments:

“To be nominating someone who’s been with Harvest for about 6 months for the value of Journey must suggest that this person had done things both noteworthy and impactful….Within the first two months of starting at Harvest, he stepped out and lead a GMC Culture Meeting where he so courageously and vulnerably shared his very personal and painful testimony.  This testimony was not only shared with our GMC Team but a couple of months later, he shared it again with the entire company at Big Meeting.  To say that his story didn’t make a deep impact across everyone in that meeting would be hard for me to believe.

I love the fact that there’s room for stories like his at Harvest.  I especially love that his story of Journey to Harvest is not the typical story where it’s someone who’s a top performer at another CPG company and wants to come over to Harvest to work for a company with a higher purpose, but his story is a Journey of healing and restoration and Harvest is a place for renewed purpose and family.  His story and his example of faithfully living out that journey every day with his teammates is one of the best examples of Journey I can think of.”

Winner: Chris Ray, Replenishment Insights Manager in Walmart GMC – Rogers, AR


4. Legacy

  • Leaving a positive, everlasting impact
  • Stewardship
  • Generosity
  • Balancing work/life
  • Matthew 25:14-30

Nomination comments:

“This individual leaves a legacy everywhere she goes. That can be a Zoom meeting, Teams chat, client call, or outside of work. She gives joy freely to everyone she interacts with and she invests in people like no other. She produces smiles and laughter because of her genuine heart. She leaves everywhere better than she found it – no matter how frustrating or hard a particular situation is. She serves our clients and people with a passion that leaves others feeling better about their day after interacting with her.”

Winner: Bebe Lopez- Velarde, Senior Replenishment Insights Manager in Walmart GMC – Rogers, AR


5. Relationship

  • Pursuing depth, trust, and collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Servant’s heart
  • Vulnerability

Nomination comments:

“No one embodies our value of Relationship to me more than this individual. She is the ultimate people-person, everyone’s best cheerleader, and ready to lean into hard emotions when necessary to be present with those around her. When I am tempted (100% of the time) to keep work the main priority and keep my personal life separate, she pulls me out of my shell and reminds me that I’m at Harvest for a reason, and that reason is to connect with and care for those around me. Not to mention, her clients love her!”

Winner: Kelsey Boote, Senior Sales Insights Manager in Walmart Grocery – Rogers, AR