We recently hosted a webinar with CitrusAd, “Learning Target.com: Search Activation”. You can get access to the full recording by filling out the form below.

This webinar recording includes:

  • How to identify keywords for search campaigns
  • The difference between Criteo and CitrusAd and why it matters for your brand
  • How to plan for and prioritize your ad spend on Target.com

and more!

For additional information on Target digital, reach out to Mark Stamps at mstamps@harvestgroup.com or Beth Voronyak at bvoronyak@harvestgroup.com. For more information on CitrusAd, reach out to Maris Kastanos at maris.kastanos@citrusad.com.
Thanks again for your interest and keep an eye out for more exclusive webinars!

More From CitrusAd:

CitrusAd is a no-fee platform. All dollars go toward working media and brands are able to bid on a keyword and category level. Exciting product updates on our roadmap include a public API, as well as the ability for brands to geo-target.