Walmart is further optimizing the Online Grocery shopping experience by syncing your Walmart account with Google Home and Siri. Introducing: Walmart Voice Order. This new feature syncs your Online Grocery shopping account to voice enabled programs to give shoppers a way to build their shopping lists through voice command only. One simply has to say, “Siri, add bagels to my Walmart shopping cart” and your favorite bagel brand is automatically added to your cart. Voila!

So how does Walmart identify your favorite bagel brand? The first time a shopper builds their list they will most likely use a desktop to search and explore several offerings for most items. Do I want Thomas’s Plain Soft & Chewy or Great Value Cinnamon Raisin? Once I’ve made my selection and move to checkout, my Walmart account will recognize this bagel brand as one of my essential items moving forward. This favorited bagel brand will now be the item that automatically loads anytime I ask to add bagels to my cart with Walmart Voice Order.


This should get brands thinking about how to best position themselves to secure a spot on the Favorites list and grab the coveted “add to cart” for months or even years to come.

Here are a few tips and tricks:

Optimize your content for online grocery specifically.

Winning on search is just as important as ever. Invest in the resources to get your item pages in order so your item shows up at the top of the page. One important distinction to make here is that optimizing your content for online grocery can look different than optimizing for The levers your brand can pull to build rich content will prove to be an investment worth making. Consumers are building these lists in the OG App and your efforts to optimize content must be geared to this platform specifically.

Build in a substantial 2020 marketing budget for online grocery.

Investing in a robust marketing budget for 2020 will allow you to win now and win later. Walmart Media Group has an array of different activations that can be tailored to your items’ specific needs. Working with Walmart Media Group will give you an edge on search driven results and gives your item a strategic advantage over your competitors. Invest now with the thought that you will see the rewards of these investments for years to come as your item earns its place on the consumer’s shopping list.

Use social resources to drive trial.

We have seen many brands leverage their social following or utilize social marketing dollars to drive shoppers directly to their Online Grocery page. Shoppable ads and links to your item page are creative ways to engage with first time consumers who haven’t tried your product before. Testing and learning which activations will give your brand the greatest return on investment will be crucial in setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Winning on search isn’t the only way to get in front of a customer and win that “Favorite”! As smart speakers continue to become more popular, it will be increasingly important to win shoppers’ business now. Drive traffic to your item’s page so you can drive trial and win the customer’s dollars when it matters most. Win today, so you can continue to win with Walmart Voice Order.

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