A quick update on Online Grocery’s rebrand to Online Pickup & Delivery 


From Online Grocery to Online Pickup & Delivery 

Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery or “OPD” recently replaced “Walmart Online Grocery” to reflect the efforts Walmart is making to rapidly adapt to the marketplace by investing in omnichannel technology. These changes aim to streamline the user’s experience on the Walmart app, and more accurately describe the breadth of offerings. This rebrand is a result of integrating the Grocery Pickup app (orange) and Walmart.com app (blue) into one platform 

The updated “Walmart app” allows users to pick which hallway they’d like to shop in, offers more availability for pickup and delivery and each section has a similar interface in which the user navigates. This was planned to roll out later this year, but the release was moved up in order to capture the surge of new adopters from quarantine conditions. The combined experience encourages new users that might be used to shopping in one app, to explore also shopping in the other. 


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Grocery Pick Up (old orange app) is now referred to as Online Pickup and Delivery 

Walmart has utilized a few different names for their pickup service since launch, as they’ve updated the capabilities and offerings within the platform.  

  • Early 2019: Online Grocery Pickup (OGP)  
  • Late 2019 Online Grocery (OG)  
  • June 2020: Online Pickup and Delivery (OPD)  

The most recent change to Online Pickup & Delivery was made in order to distance the service from being identified as solely for groceries/food and emphasize the diversity of products available for pickup and delivery with Walmart. For a while now, products from many departments beyond groceries have been offered on the Walmart Grocery app – but this change in name and language further emphasizes this. This is important for Walmart to boost profitability on the app. Going forward, if your product is in Walmart’s modular, it’s available for pickup. 

Differentiating between Online Pickup & Delivery (OPD) and Pick Up Today (PUT) for Brands 

PUT is declining as Walmart is pushing towards OPD. For brands, OPD sales and PUT sales are NOT the same, they are separate for P&L at this time.