A Letter from our CEO – Harvest Group’s Support for Black Lives Matter

By June 15, 2020 No Comments

Last week we published a statement condemning racism and stand with our Black teammates, friends, and neighbors as we seek racial reconciliation and unity.

Words have power – and we believe standing in solidarity is the first step to change. But we also recognize that these injustices are not going to be fixed by statements alone. We want to make sure we are taking action as well.

We pride ourselves on being a company grounded in and living from a set of Values that matter to us. As we have been reflecting on our responsibility in pursuing racial justice and equity, we decided to evaluate how each of our values calls us to live in regards to these issues:

Integrity: We are giving money, time, and attention to local and national non-profit organizations doing work in the areas of racial justice and equity.

Local & Holistic:


Criminal Justice:




Excellence: We are launching an internal Diversity & Inclusion Resource Group to create and plan opportunities for education, as well as growth.

Relationship: We are committed to see color and celebrate each person for the unique color God gave us and not to be colorblind. We also feel called to seek out opportunities to support companies owned by POC with our services.

Journey: We are engaging with issues of racial justice, as an organization, and as individuals, to broaden our minds to understand the perspectives of others. We will be growing our awareness in the long-term through a series of company-wide learning events, the first of which is the viewing of the film 13th, followed by small group discussions.

Legacy: We will stay humble, have hard conversations, make significant changes, and leave our company, our community, and our industry a more inclusive and aware place than we found it.

– Ross Cully, CEO & Co-Founder, Harvest Group