When we started Harvest Group at a kitchen table nearly 14 years ago, we were sure of the white space we wanted to fill in our industry, and we felt confident about the heart and the culture of the company we wanted to create.

As Harvest has experienced tremendous growth and embarks on an exciting long term vision, we recognized that our brand needs to evolve to display what’s been there all along as well as what we’re working toward.

Today I am proud to roll out Harvest Group’s new visual brand identity which better captures our story, conveys our heart, and represents the long term vision we are pursuing.

We have worked to put into words the purpose upon which we were founded and the experience we hope to deliver for our clients every day in a brand manifesto. Along with our mission, vision, and values these words will guide our service and innovation for years to come.

But it’s not just our story – it’s our client’s story too. When we set out on this endeavor, we spent time drawing inspiration from our clients. They are great storytellers, connect with their customers, have disrupted categories, and have created brand identities that are timeless and fresh. We have them to thank for inspiring the fresh face of Harvest Group, just as they inspire us to work harder and be better every day.

We have held this announcement for some time as we’ve all been focused on adapting to the global pandemic and as we have all been listening, learning, and acting against the racial injustice that we’ve all become more conscious of in recent weeks. Thank you for letting us share this small but exciting change with you.

Service is our highest pursuit, and growth is our guide.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and your teams.


– Ross Cully, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Our Manifesto – Harvest Group

We are the harvesters of promise and potential. The trustworthy team our clients have come to count on—driven by a culture that cares. We believe the broker model is broken. So we broke the mold and created a company driven by purpose. We believe in serving something greater than ourselves. We believe in shared ownership. Because the greatest value to our clients is joining them for the journey. We believe in the servant’s heart. As it is and always will be the center of our success. We believe in fostering a culture of fun. That the magnetism of our brand creates better work for our clients and better lives for our people. We believe in bringing the whole self. By standing for something, we stand apart. *We believe brands shouldn’t have to choose between technology and service, so we’re pioneering the future of ecommerce and retail. We are entrepreneurs, innovators, challengers, and change-makers. Just as capable of strategizing at the table as serving in the trenches. *We believe data and insight are as powerful as instinct. We are stewards of the positive, the possible, the innovative, and the unknown. We sell better sleep. Service is our highest pursuit. Growth is our guide. We are the harvesters of promise and potential. 

For the Harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.