Optimizing your Walmart content for your product listings is more important now than ever. Consumer shopping habits continue to shift to online and the volume of online orders is increasing every day.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions when establishing and editing product listings for your brand at Walmart.

What are Walmart’s guidelines for listings? How many images? Videos? etc.

Digital content and style guidelines vary by category and are currently being modified.  A content health scorecard we have been working with had the following requirements:  4+ images, Product Name is between 50 and 70 characters, at least 150+ words in the short + long descriptions, 5+ reviews, 1+ piece of enhanced content (including videos, instructional PDF’s, or marketing modules).  For example, the requirements for the Hardlines categories are getting stricter by requiring 8+ images, 20+ reviews, 4+ star rating, and 2+ videos per product page. We suggest working directly with your Category Specialist to get clear direction on digital content expectations for your categories/products and ask for a copy of your content health scorecard.

What tools work best to evaluate Walmart content? Do you have to monitor BOTH .com and Online Grocery?

Harvest Group has developed their own proprietary content health monitoring tools for Walmart.com.  Since digital content is consistent across both platforms, you don’t have to monitor both sites for a content health score.  However, it is important to monitor both sites (Walmart.com and OG) to make sure your content ports over correctly. There are multiple tools in the market that monitor digital content.  We recommend making sure those tools are staying up to date with the changing retail environment.  If you have digital reporting needs, you can reach out to Harvest Group at hello@harvestgroup.com for help.

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When it comes to online digital assets, specifically the hero image, what has worked for other companies in distinguishing a white product on a white background, so it doesn’t get lost? 

We have seen some manufacturers utilize the primary packaging in addition to the out-of-box product in the Hero Image, or just the primary in-box packaging as the Hero image.  There are some examples in the power oral care category, as examples.

How can you control your content in the Walmart.com marketplace?  Will Walmart start to limit or monitor these 3rd party sellers?

Harvest Group has had lots of success working directly with the Category Specialists and getting “merchant access” for our client brands to get the level of access needed to own and manage the digital content for all items that belong to a brand’s supplier ID.  We suggest actively engaging with the merchants on managing the Marketplace Sellers of your products.  We have had success with working directly with the merchants to limit the negative impacts of 3P’s (ie. leveraging marketing investments, implementing/monitoring MAP policies, brand-gating, etc.).

Would you recommend using natural language on the product listing or is it more important to stuff keywords?

Both.  Utilizing top searched keywords utilizing natural language (science AND art) will be important to increase relevancy on both Walmart.com and OG.

What is the best way to contact WMG?

You can visit their new website (https://www.walmartmedia.com/) or reach out to them via (https://www.walmartmedia.com/contact).

At Harvest Group, we have a team of digital content experts ready to optimize your content today. If you’re interested in learning more about our content and Rich Media capabilities, email hello@harvestgroup.com.