APRIL 7, 2021 — Harvest Group has acquired TreeHouse Sales & Solutions, a boutique brokerage serving Walmart and Sam’s Club, based in Rogers, AR.  

TreeHouse was founded by Paul and Shana Olinger in 2006and named after their first office – their unfinished garage apartment, or “treehouse.” The team quickly outgrew their humble beginnings and expanded with the vision to use their expertise and experience to accomplish extraordinary things for both clients and consumers 

TreeHouse specializes in Walmart and Sam’s Club branded & private label retail consultation and representation. This expansion will extend Harvest Group’s collective category reach now into new General Merchandise departments and strengthens expertise and depth in Grocery. 

In adding TreeHouse to the Harvest Group team, we are particularly excited about strengthening our merchant mindset at Walmart and Sam’s Club. Many TreeHouse employees are seasoned former Walmart buyers and replenishment experts with over 30 years working at or with Walmart—nearly 300 years combined. The TreeHouse team also brings a total of nine Buyer of the Year awards to the Harvest lineup, including the only buyer ever to win the award at both Walmart and Sam’s—the TreeHouse founder, Paul Olinger. 

Harvest Group is excited to lock arms with a team that both complements our client partners and experience and shares the same vision and values. 

We believe we will serve our clients in bigger and better ways as one team. Welcome to the Harvest Group family, TreeHouse team! 

We are humbled and excited to welcome the TreeHouse team and their clients to the Harvest Group family. Paul and his team have built a great company that is known in the industry for their experience & expertiseWe are confident that we will deliver better service for our retail customers and client partners by joining together.  Adding TreeHouse to our company, being named a Walmart Advertising Partner, and launching our Minneapolis office are all exciting steps we took in the first quarter on our journey to build the leading omnichannel growth agency in the industry.  – Ross Cully, Founder & CEO, Harvest Group