What Does it Mean to be a Walmart Platform Partner?

For a little over a month, Harvest Group has been a proud Walmart Platform Partner. This extended partnership with Walmart Connect creates the opportunity to help brands in new and better ways in 2021. We have increased access to Walmart Connect, which has created room for collaboration leading to an increase in efficiency and effectiveness among advertisers. 

The Walmart Platform Partners program works with brands to increase visibility on Walmart.com, expand search offerings to meet advertisers’ needs, fine-tune the sponsored ad experience, and many other services. The first four partners with Walmart included Flywheel DigitalKenshoo, Pacvue, and Teikametrics. Now, there are three more partneron board: StacklineTinuiti, and, you guessed it, Harvest Group. 

As one of seven companies with exclusive direct access to Walmart‘s advertising systems, Harvest Group compliments their proprietary advertising technology and tools with experienced advertising managers to manage search ads, calculate true ROI, and develop program strategy.

Why Harvest Group? 

The digital services provided by Harvest Group range from data analysis to content development to ads management, but we think our edge lies in the fact that we truly know Walmart. We have over 14 years of industry experience selling to Walmart in store and online. Our ads offering was a natural next step as we seek to serve our brands in every area of their business. 

We bring to our clients an emphasis on proactive daily management, owner mindset, and holistic reporting. Our offering of data, content, and ads gives us the ability to provide our clients with a holistic ads strategy, as each category impacts the other. Harvest Group’s end goal is providing transformational growth to clients, whether at Walmart or our other retail partners. 

Check out this case study to see how we assisted in growing a client’s daily sales lift during a campaign by 210%.

Harvest Group is excited to continue serving CPG brands in their advertising business at Walmart. If you would like to learn more about us, you can visit harvestgroup.com, email hello@harvestgroup.com with any questions or inquiries, and/or download our latest resource – “Harvest Group’s ‘Quick Start Guide to Walmart Advertising” below.

Download your free copy of the guide today! 

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